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RWA U Webinar: Author Success and the Million Dollar Gaze

The most common topic among author circles in the last decade has been: “how can I become a successful author?” And the second most common question is: “why am I not successful?” Author success coach and psychometric success alignment expert, Becca Syme, also happens to be a fiction writer, herself, and believes that demystifying success systems is the most important thing we can talk about in author circles. Becca has coached thousands of authors from the newbie to the midlister to the seven figure bestseller. Let’s be real about author success. Join us now!


Becca Syme, MATL, is the owner of the Better-Faster Academy and the host of the Quitcast for Writers. As a fiction author, she’s written romance and mystery, and has been a member of NINC, RWA, and SCBWI. She lives in the mountains of Montana where it is always winter and never Christmas.
10/13/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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