A Message From RWA President-Elect LaQuette

November 20, 2020

To RWA’s members who have graciously contacted us since yesterday’s leadership change announcement, thank you for reaching out to the Board with your concerns.  We appreciate and understand your inquiries.  

Although the Board has accomplished a great deal of initiatives in our short time in office—we launched The Vivian, relaunched RAMP, started hosting Deep Dive master classes and member meetups—we weren’t working cohesively as a group.  We realized this lack of cohesion could hamper our potential and hinder our progress.  In order to make certain our progress and momentum continued, the entire Executive Committee, including Avery Flynn, came to a mutual agreement that Avery would take a leave of absence.

I know transition can create a sense of uncertainty. I believe this to be especially true with all we’ve experienced in 2020.  However, I assure you, the day-to-day operations of RWA remain undisturbed without obstruction. In fact, we’re currently preparing for a beginning-of-the-year announcement for a few new programs, such as Push to Publish, to help every member accomplish their publishing aspirations.  We’re very excited about all we have planned for the new year which is why we press toward our goals. The work carries on, as does this Board’s continued dedication to making RWA the very best it can be for its members today, tomorrow, and forever.

Thank you, 

RWA President-Elect LaQuette