News & Updates - April 2023

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On the Hill

From Publishers Lunch

The week of March 27th, members of The Authors Guild were on the Hill encouraging lawmakers to pass legislation to cease AI companies and programmers from downloading our books without our permission. 

Government Underscores that Copyright Is for Human-Created Works, and AI-Generated Material Is Not Protectable

After finding last month that AI-generated artwork in a graphic novel did not qualify for copyright protection, the US Copyright Office has now published a more extensive paper, “Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence.” The key point is their reiteration of the view that, “It is well-established that copyright can protect only material that is the product of human creativity.”

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Amazon KDP Suspending Accounts

Amazon KDP is suspending accounts at an alarming rate. In some instances, Amazon is suspending accounts and keeping the royalties. 

The websites below will give you an idea of this alarming practice:

Has your Amazon Account been suspended? Please reach out to the RWA Board and let them know.
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