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It no longer matters if an author works with a publisher or not, they still have to have their book edited, promoted on social media, advertised, and so much more. Since every writer wants help, RWA’s Writer Services List offers members a single location to find the support team they need for a great book with a long shelf life.

RWA's website annually garners more than 350,000 sessions and nearly one million page views, of which 79 percent are new users. As an established trade association with a growing membership, RWA's Writer Services List is the perfect place for focused advertising to those who need your services the most: authors.

Introductory Pricing

Member Pricing
  • 1-Month Listing: $30
  • 3-Month Listing: $65 (savings of $25)
  • 6-Month Listing: $139 (savings of $41)
  • 12-Month Listing: $239 (savings of $121)
Non-Member Pricing
  • 1-Month Listing: $35
  • 3-Month Listing: $75 (savings of $30)
  • 6-Month Listing: $150 (savings of $60)
  • 12-Month Listing: $250 (savings of $170)
Pricing subject to change.

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Current Listings

Armadillo Proofreading
Contact Name: Rachel Santino
Job Title: Editor | Proofreader | Book Formatter
Email: rachel@armadilloproofreading.com
Phone:(707) 933-7099
Website: click for website
Services Options: Copyediting,Proofreading,Formatting
I love catching all of those overlooked mistakes like typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, double words, and minor formatting. I give your manuscript the last look over that it deserves. Easy to work with, dependable, and quick turnaround. Discounts and payment plan available.
Lazaris Editing and Copywriting Services
Contact Name: Eugenia Lazaris
Job Title: Editor
Email: eugenia@lazarisediting.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting,Proofreading
You've done the hard work of telling your story, let me do the work of polishing it for you! If you're stuck in the developmental stages or simply need to clean it up for submission, I can take you and your novel through the whole process at a comfortable pace that makes your story shine.
Email: proofpro14@aol.com
Phone:(607) 425-6281
Website: click for website
Services Options: Copyediting,Proofreading
Is your manuscript publishing ready? If not, I can polish your work to make that a reality! Clients include publishers, best-selling & multi-award-winning authors, and THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY. Affordable rates. Quick turnaround. Sample edit.
Tamara Hughes Editing
Contact Name: Tamara Hughes
Job Title: Developmental and Copy Editor
Email: tamarahughes8839@gmail.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting
I currently work as a developmental and copy editor for Soul Mate Publishing, but I also do freelance editing.
Contact Name: Karen Stoff
Job Title: Editor | Authenticity Reader
Email: vocostoff@yahoo.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Copyediting,Developmental Editing
UC Berkeley editing certificate, MFA in creative writing, 24 years active-duty military service—I can help you on many different levels. Whether it’s copyediting, developmental editing, or an authenticity read for military subject matter, let’s see how you can use my experience to your advantage.
Wiser Words, Etc.
Contact Name: Kelly Wise
Job Title: copy editor/proofreader
Email: kellywise@wiserwordsetc.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Proofreading,Copyediting,Developmental Editing
freelance copy editor

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