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It no longer matters if an author works with a publisher or not, they still have to have their book edited, promoted on social media, advertised, and so much more. Since every writer wants help, RWA’s Writer Services List offers members a single location to find the support team they need for a great book with a long shelf life.

RWA's website annually garners more than 350,000 sessions and nearly one million page views, of which 79 percent are new users. As an established trade association with a growing membership, RWA's Writer Services List is the perfect place for focused advertising to those who need your services the most: authors.


Member Pricing
  • 1-Month Listing: $30
  • 3-Month Listing: $65 (savings of $25)
  • 6-Month Listing: $139 (savings of $41)
  • 12-Month Listing: $239 (savings of $121)
Non-Member Pricing
  • 1-Month Listing: $35
  • 3-Month Listing: $75 (savings of $30)
  • 6-Month Listing: $150 (savings of $60)
  • 12-Month Listing: $250 (savings of $170)
Pricing subject to change.

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Current Listings

Anessa Books
Contact Name: Merry Bond
Job Title: owner/book coach/formatter
Email: merrybond.books@gmail.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Coaching,Formatting,Developmental Editing
I coach authors in need of developmental editing, dealing with writer's block, imposter syndrome, or accountability. I have been formatting beautiful books for indie-authors since 2012.
Book Nook Editing
Contact Name: Leigh Strauss
Job Title: Editor
Email: leigh@booknookediting.com
Phone:(720) 258-5336
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting
When it is time to polish your manuscript, I am here to help. From ensuring story arcs are completed to finding errors with grammar or word choice, I will scour your work with a fine-toothed comb. Treating everyone with sensitivity and kindness is a key to my style.
Earthly Charms Design
Contact Name: Su Kopil
Job Title: Owner and Designer
Email: earthlycharms@aol.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Graphic Design,Cover Art
We design and print author swag including: Bookmarks, Book Bites, Bookplates, Postcards, Recipe Cards, and more! We carry Autographed Copy labels. And we design Custom and Premade Book Covers. Please check out our portfolio and email us with any questions. Join our newsletter for special sales!
Libby M Iriks | Romance Book Coach
Contact Name: Libby M Iriks
Job Title: Developmental editor and story coach
Email: libby@romancebookcoach.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Coaching,Developmental Editing
Libby M Iriks is a developmental editor and story coach who provides self-paced courses, expert editorial feedback, and one-on-one support to new and emerging romance writers so they can improve their storytelling skills and write the kind of story they’ve always dreamed of writing.
Little Alien Editing
Contact Name: Parisa Zolfaghari
Job Title: Owner/Book Editor
Email: parisa@yourlittlealien.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting,Proofreading
Former Simon and Schuster editor with 15+ years of experience. I like to be there for my authors. I know that the job never stops, and I'm available for questions during any part of the process. My main goal in editing is to help you create your best possible book and to grow as a writer.
Email: proofpro14@aol.com
Phone:(607) 425-6281
Website: click for website
Services Options: Copyediting,Proofreading
Is your manuscript publishing ready? If not, I can polish your work to make that a reality! Clients include publishers, best-selling & multi-award-winning authors, and THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY. Affordable rates. Quick turnaround. Sample edit.
Victory Editing
Contact Name: Anne Victory
Job Title: Owner
Email: anne@victoryediting.com
Phone:(318) 599-1348
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting,Proofreading
My clients aren’t just clients—we’re a team, and I do everything I can to make life easier for them and make sure everything comes together for a successful launch. If you want Victory Editing on your team, I’d love to talk to you. Visit my website for my full project portfolio.
Writerwerx University
Contact Name: Tenesha L. Curtis
Job Title: Clinical Professor
Email: Learn@WriterwerxUniversity.com
Website: click for website
Services Options: Developmental Editing,Copyediting,Illustrators
Writerwerx University trains and serves new and seasoned independent authors. From how to outline a solid book premise to where to promote your latest project, we offer the guidance and professional skills needed to make your book shine!

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