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Market The Book Audio Recording Bundle

Includes four audio recordings from past conference workshops: Book Marketing Audit by Kilby Blades; Social Media Mistakes You Might be Making by Laura Kaye; Make Your Ads More Effective by Skye Warren; and Facebook for Marketing Minded Authors by Marissa Caldwell and Laurie Cooper.
Product Code: AUDIOBMTB
Price: $40.00

RWA2013 Audio: Adrenaline Shots for Plots!

Adrenaline Shots for Plots! (CRAFT)
Speaker: Colleen Thompson
A RITA-nominated author shares tips to keeping your story moving and escalating tension from the opening to the last, satisfying page.
Product Code: AUDIO13ASFP
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Contemporary Challenge

The Contemporary Challenge: How to Write 300 Pages of Romance without Demons, Death, or World Destruction (CRAFT)
Speakers: Julie James and Beth Kery
Join two New York Times best-selling authors as they discuss what happens after boy meets girl in real-world settings and how to tackle the challenges of writing contemporary romance.
Product Code: AUDIO13CC
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Courageous Writer

The Courageous Writer: Power through the Fear (WRITER’S LIFE)
Speakers: Tessa Dare, Laura Drake, and Fae Rowen
Three writers, in three different places on the publishing road, share their particular brands of fear, as well as tips on understanding, confronting, and accepting fear. The audience will participate in an exercise that will help them handle the fear in their own writing lives.
Product Code: AUDIO13CW
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Crack the Librarian Code

Crack the Librarian Code: How to Get Your Books on Library Shelves and on Your Reader's Radar (CAREER)
Speakers: Lesia Flynn and Mary Wallace Moore
Two librarians turned authors share how to pitch and market yourself to libraries, book clubs, and reader databases.
Product Code: AUDIO13CLC
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Doing It All Over Again

Doing It All Over Again: Writing Novels in a Series (CAREER)
Speakers: Carrie Feron, Eloisa James, and Sarah MacLean
Connected stories featuring serial characters and communities are all the rage. Learn from two New York Times best-selling authors and the editorial director of Avon books how to hook readers and drive sales by designing related, interwoven plots.
Product Code: AUDIO13DIAOA
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Double Ds

Double D’s: Dynamic Description and Delicious Dialogue (CRAFT)
Speaker: Laurie Schnebly Campbell
Everyone tends to be better at writing one of the big D's: dynamic description and delicious dialogue. A series of exercises shows how to turn your gift for vivid description into compelling dialogue or your gift for sparkling dialogue into lyrical description. Learn to make writing each of the big D's easier as well as more fun - not only for you, but also for your readers.
Product Code: AUDIO13DD
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Emotional Resonance

Emotional Resonance: Elevating a Good Book to a Keeper (CRAFT)
Speaker: Tanya Michaels
The more your story emotionally resonates with readers, the longer they remember it and the more they share it with others. Join a four-time RITA nominee for a look at how to capitalize the emotional impact in your book from laughter to fear to tears.
Product Code: AUDIO13ER
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Freud Knows Romance

Freud Knows Romance (RESEARCH)
Speaker: Sandy James
A psychology professor discusses the defense mechanisms, subliminal traits, projection, rationalization and more that form a realistic personality.
Product Code: AUDIO13FNR
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity: Your Career Business Plan in Action (CAREER)
Speaker: Cherry Adair
Every author needs a business plan, and best-selling author Cherry Adair will give you a focused roadmap to success for the long haul.
Product Code: AUDIO13FHTE
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: From Identity to Essence

From Identity to Essence: Love Stories and Transformation (CRAFT)
Two Hours
Speaker: Michael Hauge
Hollywood story consultant Michael Hauge (best-selling author of Writing Screenplays That Sell and Sell Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Manuscript Read) shows why love stories are a writer’s most powerful vehicle for developing character arc. He’ll reveal how love triangles can strengthen your underlying themes, how the rules of romantic come
Product Code: AUDIO13FITE
Price: $6.00

RWA2013 Audio: Getting Down to the Sexy Nitty Gritty

Getting Down to the Sexy Nitty-Gritty: a Literary Agent and Publishing Attorney Talk Self-Publishing (SELF-PUBLISHING)
Speakers: Kristin Nelson and Jon Tandler
Agent Kristin Nelson and attorney Jon Tandler discuss the not-so-sexy parts of self-publishing: contracts, legal issues, working with agents, and developing a hybrid career.
Product Code: AUDIO13GDTSNG
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Historical Research for Novelists

Historical Research for Novelists (RESEARCH)
Two Hours
Speaker: Karen MacMurray (content), Robin Weaver (presenting)
Historical research: How do you do that? A librarian, published author, and illustrator discusses the effective online research of diaries, maps, period periodicals, military history, transportation, occupations, and more.
Product Code: AUDIO13HRFN
Price: $6.00

RWA2013 Audio: Hooks

Hooks: Baiting Your Story to Catch a Reader (CRAFT)
Speaker: Elizabeth Boyle
Hooks are not just that "I-can't-believe-it" line at the end of the chapter. This workshop will challenge you to look at your story to find all those unexpected moments to surprise and delight your audience and keep them turning every page.
Product Code: AUDIO13HOOKS
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Let Your Genre Guide You

Let Your Genre Guide You: How Genre Choice Informs and Infuses Character, Plot, and Conflict (CRAFT)
Speakers: Alyssa Day, Kristan Higgins, and Elizabeth Hoyt
Three New York Times best-selling and RWA Honor Roll authors explain how genre choice informs and infuses character, plot, and conflict.
Product Code: AUDIO13LYGGY
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Market Like You Mean It

Market Like You Mean It: Out-of-the-Box Author Branding that Really Works (CAREER)
Speakers: Stephanie Dray, Angie Fox, Darynda Jones, and Kieran Kramer
Four best-selling authors dish on low-cost, out-of-the-box branding ideas that anyone can do.
Product Code: AUDIO13MLYMI
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: No More Sagging Middles

No More Sagging Middles (CRAFT)
Speaker: Beth Cornelison
Learn the reasons why a book's middle sags and how to fix these common problems to keep the reader turning the pages.
Product Code: AUDIO13NMSM
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: PRO Retreat Part 2

PRO Retreat Part 2: Industry Insight (PRO)
Speakers: MacKenzie Fraser-Bub and Esi Sogah
Editor Esi Sogah with Kensington and an agent with Trident Media Group Literary Agency tackle questions such as why a new author should seek publication with a traditional publisher and how having an agent can benefit a new author.
Product Code: AUDIO13II
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Secrets to Selling Your Novel

Secrets to Selling Your Novel: Key Writing Skills that Matter from a Writer's and Agent's Perspective (CRAFT)
Speakers: Jill Marsal and Robin Perini
Join a best-selling author and her agent to learn how to transform a good manuscript to a saleable book by delving into key fiction-writing techniques that can elevate your craft.
Product Code: AUDIO13STSYN
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Self-Publishing Roundtable

Self-Publishing Roundtable: Metadata, Keywords, and Back Matter (SELF-PUBLISHING)
Speaker: Courtney Milan
Join best-selling author Courtney Milan for an interactive roundtable discussion on how to maximize sales with metadata, keywords, and back matter.
Product Code: AUDIO13SPRMKBM
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Seven Secrets of Romantic Suspense

Seven Secrets of Romantic Suspense (CRAFT)
Speaker: Lisa Gardner
Learn how to determine the right balance of romance and suspense, use research to find hidden treasures, develop three-dimensional protagonists and antagonists, hone sexual tension, and deliver the big ending in your novels.

Product Code: AUDIO13
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Seven Secrets to Writing a Synopsis

Seven Secrets to Writing a Synopsis (CRAFT)
Speaker: Hope Ramsay
Learn a foolproof method for writing a synopsis based on identifying and describing the five major plots points in a romance story arc.
Product Code: AUDIO13SSTWS
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Six Important Tips for Romance Writers

Six Important Tips for Romance Writers (CRAFT)
Speaker: Jude Deveraux
Bestselling author Jude Deveraux shares her secrets for crafting the perfect romance. Discover the tricks every writer should have up her sleeve!
Product Code: AUDIO13SITWR
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: The Do-Over Five Authors Dish

The Do-Over: Five Authors Dish on Lessons Learned (CAREER)
Speakers: Katharine Ashe, Grace Burrowes, Tessa Dare, Vicky Dreiling, and Kieran Kramer
A lively roundtable discussion with five award-winning authors about the career mistakes they've made—and the wisdom they've gained.
Product Code: AUDIO13DOFAD
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: What's a High-Concept Series

What's a High-Concept Series (and How Do I Write One)? (CRAFT)
Speakers: Katharine Ashe, Tessa Dare, Cathy Maxwell, and Lucia Macro
An executive editor at Avon and three best-selling authors will show you what makes a series "high concept" and the nuts and bolts of what goes into writing one.
Product Code: AUDIO13WHCS
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: World-Building: Enriching Your Story

World-Building: Enriching Your Story with Culture and Setting (CRAFT)
Speakers: Jeannie Lin and Shawntelle Madison
World building isn't only where your story takes place—it's about the way that your characters interact within the world and with each other. Learn how two authors bring their worlds to life by using elements of surface and deep culture.
Product Code: AUDIO13WBES
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Writing Category Romance Readers Will Love

Writing Category Romance Readers Will Love (CRAFT)
Speakers: Laura Kaye, Jennifer Probst, and Katee Robert
Three New York Times best-selling contemporary category authors discuss the differences between category and single title romance, as well as the elements they use to create stories readers love in 45–65,000 words.
Product Code: AUDIO13WCR
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: Writing without Preplotting

Writing without Preplotting: a Sharing Session (CRAFT)
Speaker: Jo Beverley
A best-selling author leads a discussion for writers who have success (but also problems) when flying by the seat of the pants. By sharing solutions and failures, everyone will walk away with new tools.
Product Code: AUDIO13WWP
Price: $4.00

RWA2013 Audio: You're Killing Me!

You're Killing Me! Medicine and Trauma for Writers (RESEARCH)
Speaker: Crista McHugh
A former Air Force medical officer and practicing doctor explains how to write trauma and medical scenes.
Product Code: AUDIO13YKM
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Angst and Affability

Speaker: Megan Frampton
How can the classics be used to shape modern fiction? Megan Frampton will teach how to pinpoint common themes and tropes found in both New Adult and contemporary romance by examining Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.

Product Code: AUDIO14AAA
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Blog Bites

Blog Bites (MARKETING)
Speaker: Lisa Wells
Learn how to create blog bites—the writer’s equivalent of the journalistic sound bite—for use in today’s social-media crazy world.
Product Code: AUDIO14BB
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Brainstorming Book Titles Using Search Engine

Brainstorming Book Titles Using Search Engine Optimization (SELF-PUBLISHING)
Speaker: Ezra Barany
Many self-published authors have trouble figuring out what title will best sell their novel. In this workshop, authors learn how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to research possible book titles; how to test for competition so that your book won’t be buried in search results; when competition will help boost your sales; and how to make your potential readers easily stumble upon yo
Product Code: AUDIO14BBTUS
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Building the Successful Single-Title

Building the Successful Single- Title (or Category) Series
Speakers: Jennifer Ashley and Bonnie Vanak
Master the ability to construct deeply layered series with multiple characters, intense plotlines, and story arcs that will have readers rushing back book after book.

Product Code: AUDIO14BSSTCS
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Conquering High Concept

Speakers: May Chen, Sophie Jordan, and Sarah MacLean
Join best-selling authors Sophie Jordan and Sarah MacLean and HarperCollins editor May Chen as they demystify the term “high concept” and provide concrete techniques, tips, and tricks to keep your stories big, your writing sharp, and your manuscripts selling.
Product Code: AUDIO14CHC
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Contemporary Challenge

The Contemporary Challenge: How to Write 300 Pages of Romance without Demons, Death, or World Destruction (CRAFT)
Speakers: Julie James and Beth Kery
What happens after boy meets girl in real-world settings? Learn how to tackle the challenges of writing contemporary romance from two contemporary romance authors.
Product Code: AUDIO14CC
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Copyrights and Trademarks

Copyrights and Trademarks: What's Fair Use and Not
Speaker: Jon Tandler
Authors have important questions about the proper use of third party content, such as text, musical lyrics, photos, or a trademark or product name. This presentation will address those questions and review copyright and fair use; trademarks and nominative use; and third party clearances.
Product Code: AUDIO14CAT
Price: $6.00

RWA2014 Audio: Crash Course Scrivener

A Crash Course in Scrivener (TRAINING)
Speaker: Mayra Cuevas
Find out how to use Scrivener (a writing suite created for writers) to capture your ideas, organize your work, set writing goals, and stay motivated.
Product Code: AUDIO14CCS
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 AUDIO: Demystified

EPUB Demystified: What Every Self-Publisher Should Know about EPUB Files (TRAINING)
Speaker: Carolyn Jewel
Attend this session to learn everything you wanted to know about EPUB files—from their structure to best practices—as well as an overview of various conversion and creation methods.
Product Code: AUDIO14D
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Develop Free Author Website

Develop a Free Author Website in 60 Minutes (or less!)
Speaker: Jami Gold
Need a website (or blog) but don’t know where to start? Never fear, all you need is one hour to learn everything about creating a website using WordPress and other free Internet resources.
Product Code: AUDIO14DFAW
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Dialogue Cues

Dialogue Cues: Your New Go To Tool for Empowering Subtext
Speaker: Margie Lawson
Dialogue cues are not just dialogue tags—they share the subtext, the psychological message, behind the words. Margie Lawson will teach how to create fresh dialogue cues that will strengthen writing and impress agents, editors, readers, and reviewers.
Product Code: AUDIO14DC
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: English Titles and Usage

English Titles and Usage
Speaker: Jo Beverley
Does a lord rank above or below a duke? When a lady marries, what is she called? Best-selling historical author Jo Beverley covers all these questions and more during this workshop on English titles and usage.
Product Code: AUDIO14ETU
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Fabulous Sexy Selling Novella

The Fabulous, Sexy, Selling Novella
Speakers: Connie Brockway, Eloisa James, and Julia Quinn
A novella can influence readership numbers and future sales and is one of the most effective tools available to a romance writer. Learn about the elements of a successful novella—and the challenges—from best-selling romance authors who are experienced in the novella format.
Product Code: AUDIO14FSSN
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood: Beyond the Alpha Male and Spunky Heroine
Speakers: Alyssa Day, Kristan Higgins, and Elizabeth Hoyt
Best-selling authors discuss how to add dimension and personality to your story through the use of character arcs.
Product Code: AUDIO14FB
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Happy Hooker

The Happy Hooker: How to Hook Readers with High Concepts (CRAFT)
Speaker: Vicky Dreiling
Hook readers, agents, and editors with fresh and unique ideas using high concepts to make familiar tropes stand out in a crowd. The session will focus on various hooks including character types, holiday themes, series hooks, covers, subgenre expectations, promotional hooks, and how to position your novel in a competitive marketplace.

Product Code: AUDIO14HH
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Hard and Fast Rules

The Hard-and-Fast Rules for the Kick-ass Query and Synopsis
Speakers: Nicole Resciniti and Julie Ann Walker
Using hard and fast rules along with examples, best-selling author Julie Ann Walker and literary agent Nicole Resciniti pull back the curtain on what it takes to write a query and synopsis that will result in “the call.”

Product Code: AUDIO14HAFKQ
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: Hearts and Handcuffs

Hearts and Handcuffs: Writing Believable Police Heroes
Speakers: Angela Knight and Lt. Michael Woodcock
A 25-year veteran cop and a New York Times best-selling author talk about handling the nuts and bolts of a cop’s life when writing a book. Gain an understanding as to how real-life officers investigate homicides (as opposed to how it’s done on television) and how to use details of police techniques to construct intense inner, external and romantic conflicts that are guaranteed to g
Product Code: AUDIO14HAH
Price: $6.00

RWA2014 Audio: Holding Out for Hero

Holding Out for a Hero
Speaker: Elizabeth Hoyt
Your hero is tall, dark, handsome, and an alpha . . . and like every other romance hero out there. Learn how to write a unique hero that will stay in readers’ minds and make it onto their keeper shelves.

Product Code: AUDIO14HOFH
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: How to Quietly Make Six Figures

How to Quietly Make Six Figures in Indie Publishing
Speakers: Deanna Chase, Angie Fox and Eliza Knight
What do you do if you don’t want to join an author co-op or have your own publishing company or be the queen of indie marketing? Three authors present simple, smart ways to make a very good living indie publishing by writing what you love, marketing only when it pays well, and enjoying every step of the way.

Product Code: AUDIO14HTQMSF
Price: $4.00

RWA2014 Audio: How to Write Hot Sex

How to Write Hot Sex
Speakers: Christine d’Abo, Delphine Dryden, Kate Douglas, and Shoshanna Evers
Whether you want to write erotica, erotic romance, or just want to add some hot sexual tension to your romance novel, this workshop will give you the techniques to improve your craft.
Product Code: AUDIO14HWHS
Price: $4.00

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