RWA-Eligible Agents

To be RWA-Eligible Agent, an agent must meet the following five requirements:

  • Be commission-based.;
  • Charge no fees to authors beyond reimbursement of legitimate, actual, and verified expenses that are not deemed excessive and are agreed to in advance by the author.; and
  • Satisfy one of the following requirements to indicate industry experience: 
    • be currently associated with an RWA-Eligible Agency;
    • have been associated with an RWA-Eligible Agency for at least three of the previous five years; or
    • own her/his own commission-based literary agency for a period of three years or longer.
  • Have sold, in the previous year, at least three romance novels, each of which would qualify a member for the RWA Published Authors Network (PAN), or have sold, in the previous three years, at least 10 book-length works of fiction, for which each received an advance of at least $1,000.
  • Acquire no publication rights on behalf of him/herself or his/her agency.
To be or remain eligible for recognition, agents must: Resolve any formal complaint against them in RWA’s Professional Relations File, and comply with the Industry Code. Any RWA-Eligible Agent found to have been violating these requirements will no longer receive the benefits of eligibility.

RWA makes no representations or warranties regarding the business practices or financial condition of any agency/agent. RWA members and other romance writers should make their own independent decisions about which agents/agencies with which to do business, and RWA does not in any way encourage or discourage RWA members and other romance writers from making their own such independent business decisions.

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