News and Events on Artificial Intelligence

It is RWA's intent always to give business minded authors resources and education so they can then decide how it best affects their own personal business. RWA is pro-author and it is part of our mission to advocate for our members and intellectual property. A large part of that mission is offering as much knowledge on all sides of an issue as knowledge is power. We understand this is a serious issue with strong views on both sides. 
RWA recently signed onto an amicus brief that was brought to Washington D.C. advocating for guidance and legislation to protect creatives' intellectual property, which you can read here (Warner Chappell Music, Inc. v. Nealy ).
RWA respects each author and their personal choices for running their own business entities. 
If you would like to discuss this further with RWA please email Clair at [email protected]. She will be happy to chat.